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School Community Council (SCC)

The School Community Council (SCC) is a shared governance council formed by the parents and staff of Newman Elementary in accordance with state law. The SCC was established in 1974 by the Salt Lake School Board, which has empowered each SCC to make decisions regarding their school.

The SCC is a cooperative means to improving the educational programs and conditions of the school. It is the responsibility of the SCC to decide all issues on the basis of what is in the best interest of the children.

It is a wonderful opportunity to be aware of the administration and activities of the school and the considerations that go into making decisions and offer community viewpoints. 

Parents, faculty, and administration are part of Newman's SCC.  Elections take place each May.  Both electronic and paper voting options will be made available.  Specific election information will be sent to the Newman community via email prior to each election period.  If you have questions, please call our main office. 

Each year the SCC reviews things like school improvement plans, grant applications, review achievement, school calendar, attendance/discipline, School Trust Land issues, and the expenditure of Land Trust funds.

Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom.   Agendas and minutes will be posted on this webpage.  Meeting Zoom links are located on our school calendar and agendas.

Land Trust Fund Expenditures 

2021-22 -- Teacher salaries and benefits, para educator, and electronic devices in the amount of $42, 573.  These items have been funded to support student reading growth.  Our goal is to increase student growth by at least 4%.

2020-21 --  Teacher salaries and benefits, electronic curriculum and devices in the amount of $43, 285.  These items were funded to support our goal of 4% student reading growth.  We achieved our goal.

2019-20 -- Teacher salaries and benefits and grade-level books in the amount of $46, 715.  These items supported our goal to increase student reading proficiency by 7%.  We achieved this goal.

SCC Meeting Rules of Order     [English]   [Spanish]

SCC Chairperson Melissa Wilson
SCC Vice Chair Rachel Medina
Parent Members: Melody Behunin
  Violeta Morales 
  Whitney Unga

Staff Members: Roxanne Nix-Sharr (Principal)
  Kristi Van Epps (Faculty and SIC)
  Elizabeth Gardiner (Faculty)


School Community Council Meetings