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Student Resources

Below is a list of great websites for helping kids, just click and the website will open. 

If you know of any of these unsafe issues happening to your friends or even to yourself, please speak up safely and anonymously. (Bullying, cheating, cyber bullying, drugs/alcohol, fights, harassment, hazing, depression, physical abuse, stealing, truancy, vandalism or weapons in the school) Click on this website to report. then click "Find My School"

Fastt Math Stretch You will need to put in your zipcode, make sure the computer links you to Salt Lake City School District, and then you will need to log in with your school login.


Apples 4 the Teacher


Spelling City


Create A Graph


Wonders (grades K-3)

Wonders   (grades 4-6)

Renaissance Place Home Connect Be sure to log in using your username and password assigned for this program at school. Share your reading progress with your parents! 

Lexia Core 5 Click on the link to the website.  At the top of the screen, click on Sign in and choose the option Lexia Core 5 and sign in using your username and password from school.

ST Math    Click on the link to load the website and follow the directions on this document.