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Student Health and Screenings

Bloodborne Pathogen Program Curriculum      3rd and 4th grades                 5th and 6th grades

Maturation:       5th and 6th grade girls         5th and 6th grade boys

Speech and hearing Screening:   

Speech pathologists evaluate and provide therapy to students, as needed, for language, articulation, voice, and fluency disorders. Audiologists administer hearing screening programs in the Salt Lake City School District schools, evaluate students’ hearing needs, and make needed medical referrals, when appropriate.


SPEECH & HEARING: 801-578-8210

AUDIOLOGY SERVICES: 801-481-4934.  

Vision Screening:

Contact Tiffany Lord for information on vision screenings offered for students.

All other health related concerns and information on services available through the Salt Lake City School District.  Click here.