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Bell Schedule

School Learning Schedule

Supervision will be provided before school on the playground starting at 7:45am.

7:55am – First Bell:  Students are sent in to line up at their classroom door.

8:00am – Late Bell:  After this bell students need to enter through the front doors and sign in at the front office to get a pass to class.

8:05am -9:30am              Breakfast by grade level 

10:45am – 12:30pm       Lunch by grade level 

 2:10pm                            End of school day 

Short Days: school ends at 12:30pm

Supervision after school will be provided on school grounds until 2:25pm on regular release days and 12:45pm on short/early release days.

Detailed information by class can be found on your teacher's Canvas main course page.

Pick-up / Drop-off of students 

Plan a pick-up location with your student(s) around our horseshoe shaped driveway or other nearby agreed upon location.