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Family Support

Community Room – Currently not available

Join us and other parents in Room 188 (near the Kindergarten classrooms) for a half-hour before or after school to connect and socialize.  We typically have coffee & tea available.  You do not need to check in at the front office unless you plan to stay during the school day (8:10 am – 2:20 pm) to volunteer in a classroom.

Parent-Principal Breakfast is hosted in the gym on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 8:15 am to 9:15 am.  Come eat some breakfast and share your thoughts with Principal Roxanne Sharr!

Volunteering – Currently not available in-person

Please call our main office if you are interested in volunteer opportunities!

When arriving at school, sign in using the computers in the lobby area of the front office.  Always keep your nametag visible when in the school building.

If volunteering to work with students without a teacher present, a background check and fingerprints are required by the district.  You will need to go to the district office during business hours to set this up.

Dyad Reading

We are excited to let parents know that every class at Newman has incorporated Dyad Reading!  Dyad Reading is a format where 2 students are strategically paired up and read the same text aloud, together.  A Utah State University study published in 2017 has shown 2 to 4 years of reading growth in just 1 school year using the Dyad strategy 15 minutes every day.

To learn more about Dyad Reading and how you can support your student at home, view a parent presentation by using this link:

What if my child is having a problem at School?

If your student is having problems at school, you are encouraged to speak first with your student’s teacher.  Teacher emails can be found on our Faculty Directory page:

If the problem cannot be resolved by the teacher, please contact the front office and set up an appointment with the Counselor or the Principal.

How do I access the online Parent-Student Portal?

Click on the Student tab at the top of this screen then select Parent-Student Portal.

To create an account, you will need an individualized User Name and Password that your child’s teacher will provide during SEP’s.  Follow instructions on that form.

Request a translator or translated school documents:

Contact the front office or your child’s teacher who can then fill out a translation request through the district.  Please allow one week for translation requests.

Helpful Resources

CHIP (Childrens Health Insurance Program)   For help call 801-433-2299

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children Program)   Providing support for families with grandparents raising grandchildren.

Department of Workforce Services

Health Department

National School Lunch Program

Utah Family Center

Utah State Office of Education

Utah Parent Center (UPC)

Take Care Utah  need help with health insurance?  801-433-2299

Newman is pleased to provide students a fresh fruit or vegetable snack two times/week as part of the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables program.