Library Learning Center



Library Class Schedule:                          Library Check-out Schedule:

Monday: 5th grade                                                                     Monday: Rm 186, Pre-K, Rm 213, Rm 201

Tuesday:  Kindergarten, Ms. Gean, Mrs. Adams                       Tuesday: Rm 183, Rm 222

Wednesday: 3rd Grade, 1st Grade                                             Wednesday: Pre-K, Rm 180, Rm 181, Rm 182

Thursday: Kindergarten, Mr. Jensen, 6th Grade                        Thursday: Rm 159, Rm 184, Rm 167, Rm 165, Rm 200, Rm 221,

                                                                                                     Rm 223

Friday: 4th Grade, 1st Grade                                                      Friday: Rm 220, Rm 212, 

Login Information to use Resources:

Sora/Overdrive:  Use regular District Login  initials+district ID#  password = your district password

Utah Online Library:  login name = online, password = school  

Worldbook Online can be found once you login to the Utah Online Library – no login necessary

Storybook Online:  no login necessary

Scholastic Daily Courses:  no login necessary

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