Adrienne Warren

About Me

What do I love about being a teacher?  I am never, ever bored.  I get to buy new school supplies every year.  I get to really know a group of awesome kids every year.  I get to learn from other teachers.  I get to take classes and keep learning.  I get to make mistakes, fix them, and grow my brain.

Although this is my second year at Newman, it’s my 11th as a school teacher.  I started out in a private elementary school in Southern California, then took nearly two decades off to raise a family of 5 children.  Since returning to teaching, I’ve spent a total of 5 years in fifth grade and 4 years teaching English and Journalism in a middle school.  I’ve lived on both U.S. coasts and 3 foreign countries.  

I’m passionate about reading and writing, grammar, history, and geography.  I’m learning a lot about math and science, and I find them fascinating. Most of all, I love getting to know kids and their families, and hope I can help them in some small way.

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Fifth Grade Disclosure 2018-2019 English / Spanish

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